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Our mission is simple:

Provide business technology solutions that improve our client's bottom line.

To accomplish our mission, we rely on our exceptional employees to provide the best solutions and service to our customers. This is how Business World defines its value proposition:  Uncovering problems, consulting and evaluating options, then delivering on solutions that enhance productivity while reducing costs and positively impacting the business' bottom line.

The leader in enterprise solutions since 1977.

For over 40 years, Business World has been one of the region’s leading providers of office IT and print services. With more than four decades of experience, our certified representatives have the skill and knowledge to match the right document hardware and software to the specific requirements of your company. More than customers, Business World will treat you like a partner -- helping you lower costs, increase productivity, improve your business’s profitability, and helping you maintain your competitive edge. We’re able to do this because, in addition to providing office equipment and document management software, we provide the IT support services to get your office connected and keep it running.

Stewards to our community & environment.

Business World is not merely a business located in the cities of Little Rock and Jonesboro: We are an active member of our communities. To us, that means that we appreciate, conserve, and contribute resources in the community. We take great pride in our communities and know that as they prosper, so too will our company and its people.

From corporate sponsorships to board positions, we believe in giving back. These are some of the organizations that we currently support:

Our Story - A Timeline

The Xerographic Process

It all began when a junior high student in Indianapolis chose to write a report on How A Copy Machine Works: The Xerographic Process.  Jerry Carlisle visited with a Xerox technician who explained the process and provided him with a training manual to help him with his report.  His fascination with the subject of copiers was ignited.

College Student/Copier Technician

While attending college in St Louis, Missouri, Jerry landed a job as a copier technician repairing copiers for Trans World Airlines. He attended classes in the morning and flew to various cities in the afternoons repairing copiers for TWA.

International Instructor, Brussels Belgium

In 1974 Jerry Carlisle became an international instructor with SCM Corporation in Brussels, Belgium, teaching copier technicians from Africa, Europe, and the Mid-East how to repair copiers. After a year he returned to the U.S. with the dream of someday opening an office equipment dealership. He relocated to Little Rock, AR, where he met Louise Rowland who soon became his wife.

A Beginning

With a loan of $2,000, and a set of worn hand tools given to Jerry by his father-in-law, a new business was created. Multi-Copy Products began in the couple’s small apartment in Little Rock, with Jerry selling and servicing analog copiers. His mantra was “The Most Cared-for Customers in the World.” He saw copiers as products that would benefit customers by improving their efficiency.


In the early 80's, Multi-Copy Products became a Sharp dealership, and began to exclusively carry their product line. In that same era, the decision was made to change the name of the company to Business World. Both of those decisions helped position the company to offer more office technology and would enhance productivity and lower costs for customers.

Outstanding Sales Achievement

In the early 80's, Business World won recognition and National honors (1 of 6) for Outstanding Sales Achievement in the Americas.

Sharp Dealer Council

Jerry was appointed to the Sharp Electronics Corporation Dealer Council. He worked hard for the dealers he represented across the nation.

Digital Multi-functional Device - Print & Copy

By the early 90's, the Sharp multifunctional devices were introduced, and Business World began providing our customers with devices that could both print and copy.

Digital Multi-functional Device - Fax & Color

In 1998 the Sharp multifunctional devices could not only print and copy, but also included fax and color capabilities.

Digital Multi-functional Device - Scanning

By the turn of the millennia, multifunctional devices began to include scanning capabilities and as a result, the industry began to change and so did our company's vision. Now that our customers can turn paper documents into digital files, how can we help them optimize this process and improve workflows? This ultimately became the onramp for document management.

New Addition

After graduating from OBU with a degree in Business, Stephen Carlisle, son of Jerry and Louise, started a new business, Aqua Java, which offered water purification systems and coffee systems for offices. Aqua Java shared space in Business World and soon became Arkansas’ leading office coffee and water cooler provider.

Software for Document Management

Business World started offering software that could assist in the electronic distribution of documents and automation of workflow. Our clients became more efficient, more secure, and their teams more engaged when they converted to Document Management Software.

Great Combo

In 2004, we began to work with businesses to integrate hardware and software that would not only assist in the production, capture and distribution of documents, but also the overall management and archival of all electronic documents and processes.

Branching Out

In 2007, Business World established a branch in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Fresh Ideas

David Carlisle, another son of Jerry and Louise, joined the Business World team and soon became the Vice President of Operations as well as Business World Corporate Treasurer.

Digital Displays

As more companies begin to manage their content digitally and more efficiently, the same goes for printed advertising. Digital Signage and Displays are the next generation of effective communication in public and private spaces and achieves a 4-9 times better ROI than traditional advertising. Business World offers a wide range of display solutions and services to provide our customers the ability to communicate information in a more dynamic, visible, and spectacular way.

Managed IT Services

By 2015, not only could Business World implement the correct solution for our clients but with Business World administering the IT processes, our clients would now experience greater peace of mind, a heightened level of efficiency, lower operational costs, and an enhanced bottom line. It is truly a total solution offering.

Network Operating Center

Construction began on a state of the art Network Operating Center for the IT Services Department of Business World. Business World has highly skilled IT technicians who can solve the technical problems of our customers in a heartbeat.

40 Years of Business

After 40 years of business, Business World celebrated with a new CEO. In 2017, Stephen Carlisle became CEO of Business World so that Jerry could be freed up to hone his golfing skills and contemplate the possibility of eventual retirement. Stephen’s communication skills and office management abilities have made him a great leader for Business World and a great advocate for Business World customers and employees.

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Business World took some of our processes from 30 day processes down to 2 or 3 days... Within a week,we were in love.
— Joe Thompson Jr.
Chief Administrator, Pulaski County Assessors Office
Joe Thompson Jr.